Studio FM

Since a very young age we have been passionate about architecture and determined to follow our father’s footsteps, so when he passed away before his time, we decided to take over the family business. Since we qualified for the profession in 1987, we have been deepening and broadening our knowledge of this complex but fascinating discipline as we are fully aware of the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in our field to be able to meet our clients’ requirements. We systematically conduct thorough and rigorous technical analysis as we are committed to design unique and affordable, cutting edge projects.

We use the latest 3D software to allow our clients to visualise their design concept from the early stages of the project and we rely on a widespread network of high-skilled professionals and constantly search for new materials and innovative construction technologies in order to design state-of-the-art projects in terms of quality and sustainability.

We strive to embrace and rise to those ambitious challenges by counting on our strong commitment and dedication to each project and on our talented team of professionals.