Residential complex Giussano

The renovation project of this 1960’ ten-storey residential complex for housing and offices was originally designed to meet our client’s specific requirement to renovate the building entrance, rearrange the external parking spots, the private garden and update the building’s exterior appearance, but it was soon extended to redesign also all the common areas, restore the façade composition, the balconies and window frames of each unit.

The new ventilated façade system and the cladding with large ceramic tiles significantly improved the building’s insulation and energy efficiency. The balconies were completely renovated as well through the passivation of the iron structural components and the reinforcement of the concrete units, together with the refurbishment of the floors and the restoration of the parapets.

The recent project aimed at the renovation of the common lobbies and the floor landings of a ten-storey building and at the replacement of the two 1970s lifts, which required a very demanding architectural and engineering work. We kept the existing marble floor landings but we replaced the old lighting fixtures with modern technological devices and redecorated the common lobbies by applying a resin coating. The main entrance hall features elegant walls made of painted glass and resin, false ceilings with integrated lighting and several bespoke architectural components.