Laboratories and Offices Arese

A leading multinational company commissioned us to conduct a feasibility study and the project design of the internal layout of their new three-storey business premises in Arese as they decided to shut down two smaller facilities and move into a larger one. Our Studio had been entrusted of the direction of works and the processing of the required paperwork as well. We managed to design a functional distribution of the spaces by taking into account the company’s in-out flows and the arrangement of the furnishings in the previous offices. We changed few elements of the existing building plant according to both the new internal layout and the latest available technologies; on the ground floor, we designed a new repair workshop suitable for containing equipment coming in from other facilities.

The design proposal was developed and approved after a rigorous assessment of the company’s needs, by constantly interacting with the client, collecting feedback and exchanging new ideas in order to design the best functional layouts to be implemented in the existing plant of the site, which was renovated and extended accordingly.

By adopting chromatic choices matching the company’s colours, using innovative materials and rearranging of the furnishings, we managed to visually divide the open spaces of the commercial offices, which are physically separated from the executive offices and the production areas by the pre-existing vertical elements.