Detached House Cantù

This three-storey detached house reflects the client’s personality and philosophy of life: it features both large and welcoming living spaces suitable to invite guests over and more private areas.

We developed a new internal layout of the house to maximize the space and meet our client’s requirements by installing a lift without damaging the roof, which was restored as well.

We employed the latest engineering technologies and adopted unique architectural solutions to renovate the façade and enhance the modern and minimalistic design of the house.

The interior design of the house seamlessly blend in the surrounding natural environment thanks to an accurate choice of finishes, details and colors.

The interior design project of this three-storey detached house is a perfect synthesis of modernity with retro touches. Through a close attention to the details, the use of the finest materials and the accurate choice of bespoke and designer pieces of furniture, we managed to design a unique welcoming environment. Each room has its own signature style: all the bathroom walls match the furnishings and are covered in marble, and the living and sleeping areas are clearly separated thanks to the functional use of materials such as concrete, glass and wood.